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Before the Storm (Before The Storm #1)byDiane ChamberlainRate : 4.04
I had a tough time with the rating for this book. While I thought the story itself was entertaining, it was a bit hard to fully connect with all of the characters. And towards the end, there were just so many secrets and it started resembling a soap opera. The book goes back forth from present day to Laurel's history and her marriage to Jamie in the early 90's. After the birth of Maggie, Laurel experiences horrible postpartum depression. 

She feels no connection to her daughter, Maggie, and all she wants to do is sleep all the time. Laurel's husband, Jamie, tries to be patient with her. The problem is that neither one of them thinks drugs are a good idea. Even though Jamie knows there is a problem with her, he tells her that she does not need medication and she agrees. That infuriated me. There was no name for what Laurel was going through. Every doctor she talked to just told her she had "the baby blu…

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